my review of modern lovers, in today’s post-gazette

Sometimes — maybe especially so, in these trying times — one needs to escape into the kind of novel where you don’t need to think very much.

Modern LoversModern Lovers by Emma Straub is that kind of book. A summer novel, a beach read, categorize it however you wish, but one where the main character discovers what so many of us have known for years now.

“Timing was everything — that was more and more obvious the older you got, when you finally understood that the universe wasn’t held together in any way that made sense. There was no order, there was no plan….There was no fate. Life was just happenstance and luck, bound together by the desire for order.”

My review of Modern Lovers  appears today in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, an opportunity for which I am always appreciative.  You can read my full review here.


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