My Kids Say the Most Blogworthy Things

Yes, I’m that annoying mom who regularly posts her kids’ witty sayings as her Facebook statuses. And while doing so the other day, it occurred to me that these gems are lost on people (like my mother) who don’t play with me over in that sandbox.

Hence, my new occasional feature on this here blog, with apologies to the late Art Linkletter, where I chronicle the blogworthy things my kids say (at the risk of some of you who may question my parenting skills after reading this).

‎”Am I allowed to go on Google? Because I promise you, at no time in my life will I search for inappropriate things, like a man wearing a bra for no good reason.” ~ Betty (Yes, dear, as long as there’s a good reason for the man wearing a bra, that’s perfectly fine.)

“Is the Nobel Peace Prize an award for people who don’t have any bells?” ~ Boo, demonstrating the literal workings of the Aspergian mind (“no bells”).

Boo, watching Carson Pressley on Regis and Kelly:  “Is he a fancy guy?”

Nurse practitioner to Boo, at physical today: “Is there anything you would like to talk to Dr. G. about?”

B: “Like what?”
Nurse: “Like growing pains, questions you might have about anything…?”
B: “I would like to talk to him about allergies, diabetes, cancer, and asthma.” (We don’t have any of these issues, mind you.)

Boo, to Betty, while watching SpongeBob:  “It’s a killer whale!”
Betty, our resident whale expert: “It’s a sperm.”
Boo: “Do you care about sperm?”

Betty: “You know how you can give someone the middle finger? Well, is it possible to give someone the middle toe?”  (Why, yes, darling.  That’s a nicer way of saying you’re going to kick them in the ass.)

Betty: “Being President is a hard job.  You have to answer questions.  You have to pay bills.”

Boo: “I would like my own laptop with –“
Betty, interrupting him:  “Start saving your money, kid.”

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