It’s a Mini-Bloggiesta Weekend!


This is the perfect weekend for a Mini-Bloggiesta. It’s snowing outside (of course it is) with about another 3″- 5″ expected on top of anticipated plunge in temperatures (thank you, polar vortex). I’ve sworn off grocery shopping and everything for the weekend  remainder of this damn winter. We have the essentials and enough in the pantry to keep us full, so … Mini-Bloggiesta it is.

(Not sure what I’m talking about? Click on the links or image and join in the fun.)

In regard to my goals, I’m keeping things simple.

1. Book Reviews. As per usual, I’m behind. I have several needing to be written and some that are half-completed. I’m not going to get to all in the queue (I refuse to count how many are outstanding) but I’d be happy with finishing 3-5 reviews. (I wrote 3 reviews last weekend, during a pre-mini-bloggiesta catch up.) UPDATE: 1 review written 

2. Update the Book Review Index page. This is an eternal project from past Bloggiestas.

3.. Restaurant Reviews. There are 3 that come to mind that I’d like to do. I’m not sure if they will all happen, but I’d like to do one.

4. There are some other posts that I’d like to get written and pre-scheduled – at least one for Thursday.

5. Related to #3, clear out my Drafts folder and delete any unnecessary posts.

6. READ – that includes blogs as well as actual books, particularly one that is due back to the library on Monday with no renewals.

UPDATE: the library book is an e-book and all of a sudden, something is wrong with the formatting (first time this has happened). Onto a different book. 

UPDATE: Caught up on today’s blog posts –  all 135 of them! 

After all, if there is no reading, there is no blog.

Happy Bloggiesta-ing, mi amigos!

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    1. Melissa Firman Post author

      Los Angeles sounds like heaven right now, Alysia. And yeah, the bridge is probably clear, but the rivers underneath it are a different story. (The header is here in Pittsburgh; during the summer, there was a project called Knit the Bridge where thousands of people knitted panels to cover the Andy Warhol Bridge here in town. You could walk along it and see the panels, and afterwards they were donated to organizations that help the homeless.)

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