Merry Christmas O Great Santa

Boo’s annual letter to Santa:
Dear, Mr. Santa Claus
For Christmas this year, I want a MarioKart DS, a slide full of goo and a bucket of slime plus a book a super funny stories with long stuff in it.
I’ve been dying for a BRAINSURGE DVD that shows a group of episodes, and the slide I told you about can it be really big?
I want a Paper Jams guitar and drumset plus a Kung-Zu Hampster that can beat the other Kung-Zu hampsters. And also I want a game called Mario8 Sonic at the olimpic games.
I would love to have a ping pong paddle and ball please.
O great Santa
and a
Yours truely,
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4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas O Great Santa

  1. Mel

    I love reading kids letters to Santa. We have never written to him, the kids just tell me he is all-knowing so they don’t have to. I wish I would have started making it a tradition when they were younger. Good luck getting all the wishes!! I hope Santa comes through.

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