Menu Plan Monday

I’ve seen the Menu Plan Monday meme on many of my favorite blogs and every week I tell myself, “I should really do that, too.”

This is that week. 

Truth be told, I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas from this feature (and it really has helped with my meal-planning in the kitchen). If by participating I can help someone else do the same, then that’s even better.

Here’s what I’ll be cooking this week:

Monday:  I’m hoping to go to an event with one of my very favorite authors this evening, so dinner will need to be quick.  Slow Spanish Beans and Rice will be perfect – probably with hot dogs accompanying it for the kids.

Tuesday:  “Fried Chicken” (in the crockpot!)  Chicken legs were on sale this week, so I have a big package of them.  There will probably be leftover rice. 
Steamed broccoli

Leftover chicken and pasta salad.  (If there’s no leftover chicken, then just

Thursday: Spaghetti


Saturday: We have a family party in the afternoon two hours away (it’s a luncheon) so I’m not sure what we’ll wind up doing for dinner. Maybe sandwiches or something light, like a pas

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