many happy returns

I love Election Day.

I especially love Election Night. Sure, the act of voting itself is awesome and all, but this is the hour when things start getting good.

(Those two sentences have taken me about an hour to write, thanks to my attempts to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, CNN, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Sorry. Too many distractions tonight.)

Some semi-random election thoughts, then. Yeah, day #4 of #NaBloPoMo and I’m already phoning it in. (Oh, and we won’t talk about #NaNoWriMo, for which my word count is a whopping zero. I rock.)

– Social media can be a political minefield but elections have a way of showing you a side of your friends you may never have known.  It also provides a good opportunity to become re-acquainted with the various filter options on Facebook and whatnot.

– One of my Facebook statuses tonight:
‘m no political strategist (I only play one on Facebook), but if you’re running for office against an incumbent with huge signs all over town and an even bigger ego, it might behoove you to have some sort of social media presence. No Facebook page and protected tweets? Not good.

-Before I had kids, I was adamant that I would be the sort of parent who took them to vote with me.  And I have. Not every year – because as they’ve gotten older they’ve been in school – but those days when they were toddlers and holding my hand while we walked into the polling booth are some of my fondest memories.

– Some of the funniest things my kids have said have been politically-related.

– And some of the saddest, too.

– I still believe that politics would be a better place if everywhere took a page from Delaware’s playbook and celebrated Return Day. 


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