Look What I Got Today!

It’s always fun to get something other than bills in the mail, isn’t it? I was Jill’s winner for her birthday post – you can see what I’m talking about here on her blog, Fizzy Thoughts – and today I came home to a package in the mail. Inside was this:

Cool wrapping paper, huh? (After I opened it, Betty quickly absconded with the paper, claiming it for a recycling project next week at school.) Inside was THIS:

A journal! Not just any journal, but one titled Il Quaderno di Venezia. As Jill writes in the accompanying card, she found it in a little art supply shop hidden in the streets of Venice.

And that smaller package? ‘Twas a bookmark, pictured here on top of the journal. It’s a beautiful sea-green metal bookmark, beaded with “Joy” enscribed on it.

A new journal …a new bookmark … a new blogging friend. Joy.

Thanks so much, Jill!
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