Logo, Schmogo

So, according to Fast Company magazine, the Girl Scouts have a new redesigned logo, which is pictured above.  (It’s the one on the right, in case you were unsure.)
Quite a dramatic difference, don’t you think?
According to Fast Company, the changes involved a more updated hairstyle (bangs!) and a nose job, resulting in a less elongated face and a perkier nose to reflect the Scouts of today.
I don’t begrudge the Girl Scouts for wanting to update their look, but as a supporter of Girl Scouts (and a former Scout myself), I wonder how much money went into this “redesign.” How much of the cookie money from this year’s freezing-in-subzero-temperatures sales or donations went toward this?
Most likely, I’m guessing it played out something along the lines of the desire to change the logo, but not too much, so the result is a pretty conservative, practically imperceivable change.
What do you think of the new logo?

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