listen to your mother pittsburgh 2016, the official show photos

I’m still in awe of the incredible experience that was Listen to Your Mother. All the emotions came flooding right back as soon as we received the official show photos on Monday.

We need to wait a little bit longer for the videos, but I promise to share them as soon as I get the official word.  Till then, here are a few images that capture the excitement and joy of the evening — with credit given to Ashley Mikula Photography for each one.

LTYM - Melissa on stage rehearsal 5-6-2016

Me, making the other ladies in the cast laugh during dress rehearsal.

LTYM Pre-Show Toast LTYM - Pre-Show Toast 2

Pre-show toast.


Walking onstage to applause and Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.”

27694380046_2395930edd_o (1)

Onstage, sharing the most personal story of my life. Perhaps the most nerve-wracking and empowering five minutes I’ve ever experienced.


Audience reaction during my piece.


Standing ovation by more than 400 people.


Final bow.

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