Listen to Your Mother Named as Best in the Burgh! (27/99)

LTYM - Poster

This must be what it’s like to win an Emmy.  We’ve had exciting news this week for Listen to Your Mother Pittsburgh, which I was thrilled to be  part of this year along with 13 other amazing women and writers.

We’ve been honored Pittsburgh Magazine by with a Best of the Burgh award in their Kids and Family section!

We made the audience “laugh, cry and open up about their own experiences, which is the organizers’ goal.”

Indeed it is, along with raising money for a deserving local nonprofit that serves women and children. (This year’s recipient was Jeremiah’s Place, a relief care nursery in Pittsburgh.)

Take a bow (another one), ladies.  All you who were in the inaugural cast last year and those who shared the stage with me this year and those behind the scenes and especially LTYM creator and founder Ann Imig … congratulations to all of us!

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