Links I Liked: November 7

uuMomma on when life gets hard and the real-life lessons we should be teaching our kids. 

I’ll admit, I haven’t been all that successful in teaching my kids how to get rid of toys they’ve outgrown or ever shown much interest in.  And this time of year with their birthdays and Christmas is when the toy condundrum goes on overload in our house.  I’m guilty of swooping down into the playroom and into their rooms while they’re at school and doing what needs to be done.  Instead, I like this post by Work It Mom! with specific questions to ask when engaging kids in the toy purging process.

We’ve all had a horrible boss and we all have horrible boss stories.  But has your terrible boss ever invited herself along on your vacation? Sarah’s former boss has, as she writes on this post at Sarah and the Goon Squad. 

And, most likely we’ve all been on a conference call  (perhaps with the horrible boss from above) that consists of conversation with such banalities like “low hanging fruit” or “all on the same page: and “touch base.” Now the folks at Logitech have a fun solution:  Online Conference Call Bingo.

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