Links I Liked – July 13

On Autism
I’ve been struggling a bit lately with some of Boo’s self-talk, particularly when we are out in public, and this article by my friend Susan Senator (“A Sea Change: How My Son Learned to Communicate and I Learned to Listen”) was a timely reminder to really listen to what he is saying.

On Writing:
One surprising and unexpected thing that writers should be prepared for after publication, according to my friend Melissa Luznicky Garrett, author of the novel PRECIPICE and who blogs at Someday, When I’m Famous ….

On Social Media:

Rebecca Gill, founder of Web Savvy Marketing, writes for Social Media Today about The Indisputable Power of the Blog Post.   I absolutely agree with this post and as a nonprofit professional, think that many charities are overlooking blogging in their marketing strategy.  (And I’m proving her point right now by linking to her post here as well as on my nonprofit communications/fundraising blog.)

Are you the “social media guru” at your organization? Does your resume (like mine) contain some semblance of the phrase “social media specialist”?  Then this brilliant post by Steve Radick (“Rest in Peace, Social Media Ninjas [A Case for Other Types of Specialists]” is a must-read.

On Netflix Raising Their Prices and the Ire of Millions

I’m among those pissed off about Netflix raising their prices, and Jason Yormack’s article “The Lost Art of Transparency  — Or How Netflix Dropped the Ball” says exactly why this has become a PR snafu for them.

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