Library Loot – January 13-19, 2010

My Library Loot this week is bordering on the truly embarrassing. Seriously, I’m somewhat mortified to write this post, but … well, you are my friends and you get it.
You understand how impossible it is to see a lovely, shiny new book on the library shelf and have to bring it home immediately.
Still, I’ve been overdoing it lately, as these pictures (all five of them) show. (See what I mean? Who needs five separate pictures to show off their loot?)

Here’s what I started out with. Both of these are on my nightstand, and in the order of due dates/renewals left.

Poems from the Women’s Movement, edited by Honor Moore, is chock-full of poetry from 1962-1980. There are a lot of poets and authors I’ve never read, and ones I should read more of. I’m not sure if poetry collections count for the Women Unbound challenge.
A Mad Desire to Dance, by Elie Wiesel This is a re-loot (I’ve had this out before).
Same for A Mercy by Toni Morrison and How It Ended, a short story collection by Jay McInerney.
Time of My Life
Making It All Work, by David Allen
Laura Rider’s Masterpiece, by Jane Hamilton
True Believer by Virginia Euwer Wolff is the second in a series. I read Make Lemonade a few months ago (have yet to post the review) and liked it very much. This is for the Young Adult Reading Challenge.
Prairie Tale by Melissa Gilbert Because I love Melissa Gilbert and am interested in her memoir. This one counts toward the Memorable Memoir Challenge that I’m hosting.
Shelf Discovery by Lizzie Skurnick For the Shelf Discovery Challenge.
A Mango Shaped Space, by Wendy Maas For the Colorful Reading Challenge and also the YA challenge.
Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife, by Francine Prose I’m really interested in this one, and its sadly very timely with the passing of Miep Gies this week. I might have to bump this up a little higher on the reading list because I think it might have some requests now.
If I Stay by Gayle Forman Because I’m seeing this on everyone’s best-of lists, and it will count for the YA Challenge.
The Sweet In-Between, This is a re-loot.
Endpoint, by John Updike A poetry collection.
OK, so that’s what I already had checked out when I stopped by the library to settle a fine. (Our system doesn’t allow one to renew online if your fines have exceeded $5.00. Between my and the kids’ books, we had hit $20.) While there, I happened to see these goodies:

Carlyle’s House, Sketches by Virginia Woolf At the time, I couldn’t remember what books were part of the Woolf in Winter challenge, so I checked this out … you know, just in case. Then I realized it wasn’t one of the four books. I still want to read it. It’s Virginia Woolf.

Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell
Dreams of My Fathers, by Barack Obama This is a re-loot.

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