Introducing The Memorable Memoir Challenge for 2010!

I know, I know … you’ve already joined too many (me too!), you’ve just signed up for your very last challenge, but I would love for you to join one more. This one.

Allow this post to be your Official Introduction to The Memorable Memoir Reading Challenge for 2010!

Here are the details:

1. The Memorable Memoir Challenge will be hosted here on The Betty and Boo Chronicles.

2. The challenge will run from January 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010. You’re welcome to join anytime.

2. Memoirs, letters, diaries, and autobiographies count as reads for this challenge. (Basically, if you think it is the stuff of memoir, it counts.)

3. Overlaps with other challenges are allowed. Audiobooks and e-books are also allowed.

4. Participants are encouraged to read at least 4 memoirs/diaries/letters/autobiography books in 2010. Of course, more are fine!

5. You’re not required to make a list, but if you’d like to do so, I’d love your ideas and suggestions! I’ll do a separate post with some thoughts, and will compile yours too. (Just leave them in the comments.)

6. If you’d like to join, simply sign up by using MckLinky below. If you want to do a special sign-up post on your blog, feel free … but just the url of your blog is fine.

7. Feel free to grab the button (and join me in thanking the lovely and talented Florinda of The 3Rs Blog for making this gorgeous button for this challenge!)

Thanks for participating … and here’s to 2010 being a “memorable” reading year!

Thanks for sharing this post!

36 thoughts on “Introducing The Memorable Memoir Challenge for 2010!

  1. Sanchia

    Was just looking around for some interesting book challenges to join, and I am IN on this one! It deals with quite a bit of my TBR pile. To make it even more difficult for myself, I am going to do not four, but twelve memoirs/autobiographies.

  2. Kim

    I love this genre–how did I miss this challenge? Thanks for hosting and I am officially signed up with mr. linky.

  3. Cassandra

    Thanks for hosting this challenge! I started reading memoirs last year and am really enjoying the genre. I’m excited to see what memoirs I’ll find and love this year.

  4. Booksnyc

    Thanks for hosting this – I have some memoirs on my TBR list and this will help push me along! So far, on my bookshelf I have:

    Leap of Faith – Queen Noor
    America’s Queen – Jackie O
    Without Reservations – Woman’s Travel Jounal

    And many more on my wishlist – thanks again!

  5. Jessica

    great idea! I’ve already finished my first and into my second! sweet – finally a challenge i can do!

    is there a place to post links to reviews?

  6. Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy)

    Thank you all SO MUCH for your enthusiasm for this! I’m thrilled that you’ve all joined in and to find out that there are others who love memoirs as much as I do.

    I’ll add a MckLinky for reviews soon, since some of you have already finished your first memoir! Whoo hoo – way to go!

  7. Beth Kephart

    gosh, this is great. I just read four incredible memoirs these past few weeks. But: it wasn’t 2010 yet! I am sure that I will do this. I’ll have to figure out that linky thing now.

  8. Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy)

    Thanks everyone! If MckLinky is acting up (as it seems to be as I write this), just leave your blog url in the comments. And if you don’t have a blog, you’re most welcome to be part of the challenge.

    So glad there are so many people interested in this!

  9. mel u

    Great idea for a challenge
    I hope to read The travel journals of James Boswell and Samuel Johnson about their joint trip to the Hebrides and a memoir of a Bibliophile called The Yellow Book Store-I will figure out another book to read perhaps based on reading the posts of others in the challenge

  10. Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy)

    silentsgirl ~ that’s completely fine … but it’s also fine that your LJ isn’t solely devoted to books. Neither is my blog, or several others. It’s all part of the fun of this blogging world, I think. Welcome to the challenge!

    To all ~ thanks so much for signing up!

  11. silentsgirl

    I’m in, but since my LJ is not solely devoted to books, it probably isn’t appropriate to link. I’ll leave a link to specific posts which include memoir reviews in the comments, if that’s okay. What a great idea for a challenge!

  12. Cid

    So glad you stopped by my blog and I came over to you, always love getting to know a fellow bookworm and your 2009 list has given me lots of ideas. I’ll keep you posted on mine for 2010 starting with a couple I got for Christmas.

  13. Florinda

    If you haven’t already gotten a better offer, I’d be glad to try to make a button for you if you can find a picture you’d like to use for it. I’ve done a few very basic ones for my own blog; it was turned out better than I expected. Feel free to e-mail me at 3.rsblog AT Gmail DOT com.

    I read a lot of memoirs as it is, so this wouldn’t be a real “challenge” for me, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be joining you in it anyway :-D.

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