in tandem

Bike Camp - Day 2

iCan Shine Bike Camp Pittsburgh
photo credit: Melissa Firman

tan·dem [tan-duhm] 

1. one following or behind the other

Very rarely do I post pictures of my kids here on the blog. When I do, they’re intentionally blurry or taken from behind, so as to protect some vestige of privacy.

But there he is, my boy, in the photo above.

Day 2 of Bike Camp – which was today – is known as “Tandem Tuesday.”

That’s when campers ride an adaptive tandem bike, as Boo did this afternoon along with Peter, one of iCan Shines Bike Technicians.

The way the bike is engineered gives the rider the feeling – and the confidence – of what it’s like to be on two wheels.

Meanwhile, Peter the Bike Technician was evaluating his balance, turning, agility, and braking.

I put down my phone, my Kindle and just … watched.

I thought about the people who we have in tandem in our lives.

Who really have our backs.

Who see past our “I’m fine” to give a damn if we’re doing okay.

Who help us maneuver onto the right path.

Who keep us in balance.

Who pick us up when we fall.

Who are there.

Behind us. Following us. Alongside us.

With us for the ride, no matter what the path holds.

For always.

Bike Camp - Day 2 - Volunteers

Boo on adaptive bike, with volunteers running behind him to keep up.

Bike Camp - Bikes

Bikes, at the start of camp.

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