Honey, Honey

This anniversary today was a little bit easier, for some reason, than others.  Maybe it was because I was busy at work, finishing up my second-to-last-day at this job.  Maybe it was because my calendar is now Blackberry-ized, not paper, so I don’t have the date staring at me. 

At 9 a.m., I was at my desk, same as I was (albeit it different desk, different place) 14 years ago when I got the call that my uncle had died.  This wasn’t unexpected, given that he was terminally ill, but was enough of a jolt to seem seismic.  Some years on this day, I’ve stopped mid-work, almost as if the phone was to ring again.

And then, the day was over and I was heading home.  It is then, on this long drive that ends tomorrow, that my thoughts most often tend to wander.  I remembered, again, the day.  Not too bad of an anniversary, I thought.  Still …. 

I switched my XM station from 80s on 8 to 70s on 7 … and ABBA’s “Honey, Honey” was playing.

My uncle was a big ABBA fan (“it’s such happy music, how can you not smile when you hear it”?) and there will never be a time when I don’t hear any of their songs without thinking of him saying that. Honey was also the name of one of his very best friends, whose car he borrowed in order to make it to my wedding rehearsal dinner in time. The two converge in my novel in progress. 

I’ve been accused on occasion of looking for meanings and reasons amid mere coincidences, and I’m okay with that. And sometimes, yes, sometimes a coincidence just is exactly that – nothing more, nothing less. 

Whatever this little coincidence was – something out of nothing or something saying thanks for remembering me! – the happy music worked its magic once again, making me smile.

Photo taken by me 1/24/2010, during a trip to a local paint-your-own pottery shop with Betty’s Girl Scout troop. I thought these little nonchalant angels, just waiting in the wings to be chosen and painted, were pretty cool looking.

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3 thoughts on “Honey, Honey

  1. randim

    As always, beautiful tribute to Uncle D. We should all be so luck as to have someone remember us in such a loving way. And remember…coincidences are blessings letting us know we are right where we should be! xoxo

  2. K A B L O O E Y

    I’m so glad the anniversary was bearable for you, and glad music could provide a lift. Also glad Abba could be used for good instead of eeeee-vil. (Not a fan, not that it matters.) Love the patient angels, too. Nice tribute to your uncle. You’re a honey too.

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