Hey,You. Need a Book for the 24 Hour Read-a-thon?

Yes, my lovelies, it is once again time for that wondrous biannual event: Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon.

Regular readers of the blog know that I love participating in this, and that I’ve done so for several years now.  Basically, it is just as the name implies. You read for 24 hours. You’re allowed to take breaks, even naps. You’re allowed to eat. (That’s absolutely encouraged.) You can read for charity, like some of us used to do in elementary school. There are mini-challenges and cheerleaders and prizes and all kinds of fun that you can read about on the Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon website here. (That will give you the start time for your particular time zone.) Here in Pittsburgh, the party will be getting started on Saturday, April 27 at 8 a.m. (Although I may not be able to resist starting on Friday.)

For me, some read-a-thons have gone better than others (in terms of how many books I’ve read) but it’s all about creating a sense of community, honoring the memory of Dewey (a beloved book blogger who started the event in …2008, I think? but who has since passed away), and most importantly, coming together virtually to share our joy of reading and our love of books.

Here’s the thing about Read-a-thon books. Everyone is different, but my most successful Read-a-thons have been when I’ve selected fairly quick, easy books as my literary companions. I love to say that I’ve completed 1, 2, 3 or even more books by the end of the event. For that to happen, speaking for myself, they need to be relatively quick reads. (As it is, my husband is amazingly accommodating of my blogging/read-a-thon nuttiness, but life still goes on.)

So, if this is your first Read-a-thon, or if you’re stuck for some book ideas, here are some books I’ve read (not necessarily during Read-a-thons, but sometimes so) that would be good choices for this event. The links take you to my reviews so you can read more.

If you like literary fiction of the prize winning type…
The Sense of an Ending, by Julian Barnes (163 pages)
Tinkers, by Paul Harding (191 pages)

If you like your literary fiction more on the mysterious, what-the-hell is she thinking side
Bad Marie, by Marcy Dermansky (212 pages)

If you like Southern literature and don’t mind an Oprah’s Book Club selection …
Ellen Foster, by Kaye Gibbons (126 pages)

If you want to laugh and cry at the same time …
The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green (318 pages … it won’t feel like that, honestly.)

If you want some awesome pictures with your story …

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs (348 pages. Same as above. It really won’t feel like 348 pages.) 

If you want some magical realism and escapism ….
Anything by Sarah Addison Allen (see my review of The Girl Who Chased the Moon and The Sugar Queen)

If you like your YA fiction with no vampires and more poetic prose …
Anything by Beth Kephart (see my reviews of The Heart is Not a Size,  House of Dance, Nothing But Ghosts, Small Damages

If you’re in the mood for a memoir…
Lift, by Kelly Corrigan (my review is of the audio version)
or Open Heart, by Elie Wiesel (79 pages)

I’m still working on my list of books that I’m planning to read this time around. Hopefully I’ll have that post up tomorrow or Friday. Until then, happy Read-a-thon planning! Can’t wait! 

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5 thoughts on “Hey,You. Need a Book for the 24 Hour Read-a-thon?

  1. Belle Wong

    Great list! Miss Peregrine’s is one I’ve been wanting to read. I’m not a reader this year, but I’ve signed up to cheer you all on 🙂

  2. Melissa Sarno

    As exciting as a read-a-thon sounds I already have a full day of plans that day. Rats! But thank you for the recommendations. I’m interested in the magical realism recs. Cool. Thank you!

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