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Laurel House Gala 2009 (111)

Andy Reid at Laurel House’s 2009 Gala
photo credit: Melissa Firman

Before Andy Reid became coach of the Kansas City Chiefs (but during his time with the Philadelphia Eagles) I had a certain fondness for that part of the Heartland. The details are best left for a different time, but suffice it to say there are at least two non-football-related reasons why.

Still, when my now-new friend Sean Keeler from Fox Sports Kansas City tracked me down here in Pittsburgh via this blog and said he was working on a story about the Reids and their time in Philly, I was initially skeptical. I didn’t want this to be another hatchet article about the family.

I’m still kind of irked that another Kansas City media outlet accepted – then abruptly declined – an editorial piece of mine because I didn’t “go negative enough” with that particular angle. That’s not my style. Besides, old habits die hard and part of me is still the nonprofit PR director I was privileged to be when I knew Andy and Tammy.

Like I said, old habits die hard.

I called Sean anyway. Between his thoughtful, well-researched questions, he listened to me ramble for 20 minutes about the good ol’ days. The result, timed for tonight’s matchup between my hometown Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, is his excellent piece on Fox Sports Kansas City’s website today:

The Andy Reid That Eagles Fans Didn’t Get a Chance to Know is Missed By Those Who Knew Him Best

I don’t claim to have known him or Tammy “best.” Far from it. And although I can hold my own in a cocktail party conversation, I’m hardly a football expert.

But what I do know is what I saw, repeatedly and often, from my nonprofit vantage point.

“The Andy Reid I saw, I saw a guy who would talk to a mom who had just gone in the shelter with her kids after surviving a domestic violence episode and would talk to her kids and say it would be OK … so I think if more Philadelphians got a chance to see that Andy Reid, [the] vitriol and the animosity at the end, it may have been a little bit lessened, I think.” ~ me. 

You can read the whole story here.


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