on the presence and hope of goldfinches (11/99)


Goldfinches 3


Goldfinches 2

Yoga at the active adult community was cancelled this morning, as we were the only two registrants for what would have been an age-progressed Mommy and Me class of sorts. Instead, I sought out the goldfinches.

There’s right there, by the window where The Husband and I sit and and read when we’re here. We can watch the goldfinches for hours — and we are doing just that during these few days of mostly unstructured time. We have few plans this trip, a sparse agenda.  A weekend conference for me, our reason for this trip.

Goldfinches are good omens, apparently, with one website saying that they’re a harbinger of exciting and joyful times to come.


Several positive conversations have already happened during this trip.

I’m hopeful for the others, still on the horizon.

Ray of Light

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