First Book of the Year 2018

Every New Year’s Day, Sheila from Book Journey hosts First Book of the Year where bloggers share … well, the first book they plan to read in the new year. I love this event because for as long as I can remember, I’ve always put considerable thought (perhaps too much) into the perfect book to launch another trip around the sun. Just like the invitation for a special event,  I think the first book can set the tone for the year.

Sometimes I’ve chosen something that aligns with my goals for the year, sometimes it has been a classic I’ve been wanting to read, and other times my choice is simply a book that seems to be right for the moment. I like my first book to be upbeat, perhaps somewhat inspirational, preferably by an author I’ve previously enjoyed.

For 2018, I’ve chosen a book by one of my favorite authors: Tell Me More by Kelly Corrigan. I loved each of her previous books (The Middle Place, Glitter and Glue, Lift) and can’t wait to read this new one which is scheduled to be published next week (release date January 9).

(Truth be told, I’m probably going to be reading this and a review book since my first freelancing assignment is due January 6 — so this may very well wind up not being my actual first book — but we’ll just stick with this one in case the latter doesn’t work out.)

One of the fun things Sheila does for First Book of the Year is to create a photo collage of participants with our books. I can’t imagine how much work this is, but I love seeing what everyone else is reading.  You can check out our photos and book selections here.

Happy 2018 and happy reading!


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6 thoughts on “First Book of the Year 2018

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  2. Sue at Book By Book

    I forgot about Sheila’s First Book of the Year, until a moment ago when I visited her blog! I usually participate. Like you, I have a review due 1/6, so that was my first book of the year by default. Luckily, it is turning out to be REALLY good – Only Child by Rhainnon Navin, a debut novel. Excellent so far – I hate to put it down! Good thing since time is running out to write that review…

    Here’s to more good books in 2018! Happy New Year!


    Book By Book

    1. Melissa Post author

      I saw your photo! That’s a great choice. I haven’t seen the movie nor read the book yet but I really want to. (I’m probably going to cry nonstop.)


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