First Book of the Year 2015

First Book of the Year 2015

For the second consecutive year, Sheila from BookJourney is hosting the First Book of the Year 2015. I’ve always placed a great deal of meaning and importance on selecting the first book to start off a new year, so this event is perfect for me.

I want to focus on my writing this year. I’ve had that as a goal previously, but in a vague and undefined sense. Focus on the writing and Write more don’t quite cut it as goals.

So, this year I am planning to write more. I’m also planning to submit my work to more places and have set a goal of 20 submissions. That’s a huge stretch for me because I rarely submit; I intend to, but … I don’t.  This means establishing a system for myself, being diligent about checking Duotrope and other sites I subscribe to, and generally, being more proactive than I have been. If this is something I want – and I do –  I need to make this a priority.

How does all this relate to my First Book of the Year?

Well, I always like the first book to be something that connects to my New Year’s goals and this year’s is perfect.

It is one that has been on my TBR shelf for a long, long time. (So, it counts for Roof Beam Reader’s Official 2015 TBR Pile Challenge, which I plan on signing up for.)

It’s always recommended to writers by other writers.

It’s quoted all the time.

I admire and respect the author.

And frankly, I really should have read this a long time ago.

Without further ado … my First Book of the Year!

Bird by Bird

I cannot wait to finally read this!

Thanks for sharing this post!

8 thoughts on “First Book of the Year 2015

  1. Brona

    Well done for starting the new year with such determined resolutions….and for following through so quickly!
    I started off my new year with 3 book (which is how I will continue my year – with 3 -4 on the go the whole time)…one of which fulfills a January challenge, so hopefully I can maintain the momentum too.

    Maybe we should be each others cheer squad 🙂

    Happy New Year & Happy Reading

  2. Nise'

    I wish you much success on your writing goals this year. I have not read your book, but an exicited to check out the ones that are not familiar to me.

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