finding my brave (83/99)

When I was preparing for Listen to Your Mother Pittsburgh, I knew I wanted to wear a specific bracelet during the actual show.

Mothers Day 2015 - Be Brave

You see, almost exactly one year before, I decided to buy myself a Bravelet for Mother’s Day to support the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation which is a very important organization to me.   That Mother’s Day was also the 30th anniversary of my MRKH diagnosis, so the Bravelet had special meaning.  Putting sentiment aside for practically, however, the Bravelet is a little dangle-y, so I got into the habit of taking it off whenever I was typing on my laptop.

Which, you know, is rather often.

Well, of course it got lost — and in the weeks leading up to the Listen to Your Mother show, I searched and searched for it, with no luck.  And then the day of the show came and still no Bravelet.  The show, of course, went tremendously and everyone was so beautiful, so radiant, so supportive, and yes — so absolutely perfectly brave.  (You’ve watched it on YouTube, right? My story and the stories of everyone else who rocked the hell out of that stage?)

I’ve said this before: being in Listen to Your Mother is one of my most significant and personally meaningful accomplishments and it will remain that way for me forever.   And while it would have been nice to wear the Bravelet, I didn’t need it to be brave.  And I knew this, of course, but … well, sometimes when you’re telling the most personal story of your life to 500 people and having it recorded for all time on YouTube, it helps to have a little talisman of sorts.

So, more than three months have passed since the show and I had pretty much forgotten about the lost Bravelet.

Until tonight.

I happened to reach over to the end table next to where I sit because I thought a box of over-the-counter medication was the Advil Cold and Sinus I tend to take when the weather sends me into sinus hell, as has been the case for the last several days.  I lifted the box up and there, underneath, there it was! My missing Bravelet!

It had been right next to me this whole time, within an arm’s reach (if that).  And I can’t help but notice the inherent meaning in this and how significant it is that I found this now because it’s so obvious.

How often do we find ourselves searching for something we think is missing when what we’re looking for is actually so much closer than we realize?  When we think that we’ll never be able to find the answers, the solution, the magic charm that makes everything better? 

Our strength and our bravery is always with us, closer than we think, even when it seems hidden.  Especially when it seems hidden.

Somehow, the hardest things to see are the things that are right in front of us.

99 Days of Summer BloggingThis is post #83 of 99 in my 99 Days of Summer Blogging project. 

P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post for Bravelets, but if you’re inclined to purchase one for yourself and you aren’t sure what charity to select to receive the percentage of your purchase, I know the leadership of the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation personally and I also know how important the work and advocacy of this small organization is to so many women, including myself.


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