discombobulated (3/99)

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when you search on getty images for “discombobulated,” you get a bunch of pictures of frustrated as hell people, which is my current state of mind because at the precise moment when I went to write this post — which is not, mind you, the post I’d intended — I tapped something or pressed a button or whatever here on my laptop and the taskbar thingie at the bottom got all jumbled and now my icons aren’t in the right places and I’ve just lost an hour of my life trying to get things back to where they were and — wtf, did that taskbar just get bigger? — and now I’m wondering if this is really how my computer is all the time and maybe I’ve just never noticed until things got shaken up

and i’m thinking that there must be some kind of meaning in this or some lesson to be learned, like maybe we all need to be shaken up at times or see things in a different order or maybe

i’m just tired because our computers got some sort of upgrade at work and things were askew there too and the replacement cell phone came and supposedly it’s simple to activate it all by oneself and i go to do that and can’t even figure out what model it is because there’s not just one samsung phone, there’s like, fifty two samsung phones — like when the hell did we become a country that needs so many freakin’ versions of a goddamn phone —

and i’m thinking that technology is not my friend today and maybe it’s time to crawl into bed




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4 thoughts on “discombobulated (3/99)

  1. bookertalk

    sounds like it definitely is time to unhook yourself from technology – come back to it fresh tomorrow when miraculously things will have sorted themselves out

    1. Melissa Post author

      And that’s exactly what happened! (Well, sorta …it’s about 99% back to normal, which I’ll take.)

  2. Lisa

    This sounds like my week for sure! I feel so frantic and spazzed. It will help when my son is done with school tomorrow. Maybe? Who knows. I have somewhere to go every day for the next several days. Aaarrgh!

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