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Paris Peace Sign

“Peace for Paris” by Jean Jullien  

Briefly …
In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris, my instinct has been to hunker-down and reduce my social media and news consumption this weekend. It all feels too much, too overwhelming, heartbreaking, and scary. Like most of us, I simply can’t understand such hatred that compels people to commit such horrific acts against innocent people. It is unfathomable and it makes me want to never leave the house again.

Listening …
I borrowed several short story collections on audio from the library (Hemingway, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Pilgrims, Margaret Atwood’s Moral Disorders and Other Stories). While doing errands on Saturday — a much-needed oil change for my car, the weekly grocery shopping — I happened to turn on “The Bad News” from Moral Disorder, which was certainly ironic. It’s about a middle-aged couple and their somewhat dismissive and nonchalant attitude about the bad news in their morning newspaper.

“I think of bad news as a huge bird, with the wings of a crow and the face of my Grade Four school teacher, sparse bun, rancid teeth, wrinkly frown, pursed mouth and all, sailing around the world under cover of darkness pleased to be the bearer of ill tidings, carrying a basket of rotten eggs, and knowing- as the sun comes up- exactly where to drop them. On me, for one.”

Reading … 
The WitchesStill working my way through The Witches.  I’m on page 54 and it’s due back to the library on Tuesday, so I’ll probably need to return this unfinished and wait until it’s available again. This seems to be the story of my life lately.

Not Reading … 
Decided to give up on Fates and Furies. I lasted for just over 100 pages and just couldn’t take anymore of these characters.  I just couldn’t. I hated almost every single one of them, especially Lotto. Several instances in the plot just irked me, too. I know that the second half of the book is supposed to be much better, but the promise of a reading payoff in another hundred or so pages was too elusive for me.

This is a novel that I really wanted to love, which makes this especially disappointing. I am a big fan of Lauren Groff’s writing and I’ve really enjoyed all of her other books. (See my reviews for Delicate Edible Birds and Arcadia; I read — and loved — The Monsters of Templeton but didn’t review it.)

Starting to think about Thanksgiving dinner.  It will only be five of us this year — my mother-in-law will be visiting for five days. I’m starting to buy a few things here and there at the store and mapping out a plan for cooking as much as possible ahead of time.

Promoting … 
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  1. Sue at Book By Book

    I’m sorry to hear that about Fates & Furies. I enjoyed Arcadia & have been hearing good things about this latest novel…but I know what you mean. I felt the same way when everyone was raving about Gone Girl – I just hated the characters!

    Just 5 people for Thanksgiving sounds kind of nice. We are traveling to Rochester for a 4-day odyssey of family gatherings. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, but it is always exhausting and overwhelming, too. Hope you have a nice quiet holiday!


    Book By Book

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