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  1. Amber

    I shop at aldis because of prices for one but also because of the liveGfree. My youngest daughter has a severe allergy to soy and dairy, and if you notice on the back of the boxes of the liveGfree products it tells you what other allergens it is free of which is an amazing thing for me. Just thought I would throw that out there if other parents have kids with food allergies.

  2. rhea

    High-Quality genre fiction for review

    Good Morning,

    Hope your day is going well. I wanted to reach out on behalf of Curiosity Quills Press and offer any of our titles for your reading please in the hopes of an honest review from such a highly esteemed reviewer. We specialize in unique genre fiction such as bestselling novel, Please Don’t Tell Me Parents I’m a Supervillain, and Dead Detective. If you are looking for a new novel to fall into, I highly suggest recently released psychological thriller by author Darin Kennedy, The Mussorgsky Riddle, inspired by Modest Mussorgsky’s Pictures at the Exhibition.

    We’d be happy to send any titles of ours to in your preferred format if you are indeed interested. All of our titles can be found at, and can be requested simply by emailing

    Thanks so much for your time, have a wonderful day,

    1. Melissa Post author

      Thank you for reaching out and for the kind words.

      At the moment, I’m not accepting any books for review for various reasons.

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