Book Review (Kids): Big Words for Little People, by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell

Big Words for Little People
written by Jamie Lee Curtis and illustrated by Laura Cornell
Joanna Cotler Books (an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
published 2008

Chances are, if you’re a celebrity these days, you also fancy yourself a children’s book author.  We’ve got Madonna, John Lithgow, Billy Crystal, and a whole host of others who have penned tales (sometimes several) for the wee set.

While there are some very good celebrity-written children’s books, in my opinion the ones by the author-illustrator team of Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell are among the very best. We own I’m Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem and Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day. Even though we’re starting to move away from most picture books, these are ones we continue to turn to (and hopefully, we always will).

I checked out Big Words for Little People from the library, and Betty and Boo were immediately engaged with it.  They had a lot of fun shouting out the big words that they already knew, and they knew all of them.

“I know some Big Words
I’ll teach them to you.
Although you are small,
you can use Big Words too.
Big Words aren’t scary.
They’re big fun to learn.
I was taught once
and now it’s your turn.”

The Big Words in this book are big words for even some adults – words like considerate. Consequence. Respect. Privacy. Inappropriate. Different.

“Different means nobody’s ever the same.
All bodies are different and so are all brains.
Different is what makes this world so great.
Different is never something to hate.”

Like the other seven picture books by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell, Big Words for Little People features whimsical, eye-catching, and colorful graphics, with a few in-jokes for the adults tucked into the illustrations.  And like their other books, this one will undoubtedly be a delight to read – for children and adults alike – for a very long time.

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