clouds, both sides (10/99)

Clouds on PA Turnpike

On these trips from one side to the other, I watch the clouds.  Up close and personal with me in the passenger seat, they’re my preferred form of entertainment. No in-car hookup or Wi-Fi connection required.

My mental playlist goes to Joni, as it often does. Darkness and light.  Both sides.

“I should post a picture that a damn black cloud stays over us no matter where we go,” I say to The Husband.

And so it does, for 325 miles. It’s my nature to see this as metaphor. The clouds shift; at times the dark dominates, then the brilliant blue, but always both skies simultaneously. Sun mixes with rain and when we arrive, we’re told about ferocious storms. Lightning and power outages and toppled trees.

We missed all that.

We didn’t miss the sunset. Light brushed with clouds.

Sunset 6-8-2016

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