Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I took a walk down by the back bay this evening to see if my chair (a.k.a. The Betty and Boo Chronicles’ Blog Header Photo) was still there.  
It’s gone. Replaced by a canoe.
The blog header stays, though.
(More vacation photos to come later.  Internet access is spotty here.)

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12 thoughts on “Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Cousin Meg

    Wow, just realized how much closer the water has crept up from the chair pic to the canoe…just goes to show how quickly our little island is going under 🙁

  2. Mel

    How funny is it that the chair has been replaced by a canoe. I always loved that picture. There is something so relaxing and calm about it. Makes me want to grab a book and have a sit!

  3. Juliette

    I love that chair picture. I really do. I am sorta sad that it’s gone but it is the transient nature of things. The canoe is cool.

    Also the venue reminds me of my part of the country. It looks like it could’ve been taken at the Berkeley Marina in California.

  4. Maya Ganesan

    Very interesting…it makes me wonder who took the chair. 🙂 It’s almost like a little trade between you and some stranger. Hope you’re having fun on your vacation!

  5. Cindy

    That is too bad about the chair being gone. I am happy to hear that the header will stay the same. Love it.

    Hope your enjoying your vacation.

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