celebrating the launch of year of the snake

Year of the Snake

I’m so in love with this book cover and it’s not just because I had a part in bringing this romance to life. Today, my friend Melissa Luznicky Garrett launches her 7th novel, Year of the Snake which is now available for the Kindle at $2.99 on Amazon and also in paperback.

Plucked from the slush pile, 19 year old Amelia Harkins rises instantly to fame and the top of The New York Times Best Sellers list. Dropping out of college to pursue a full-time writing career, Amelia spends the next 17 years as America’s reigning Queen of Romance, fulfilling her fans’ every desire as she pens one steamy novel after another. But when Amelia suddenly realizes she’s outgrown her muse and fictional other half, a buxom blonde named Hillary Hart, she begins to question her own identity.

This is the third book of Melissa’s that I’ve edited, and I love working with her. The professionalism and dedication that she brings to every single one of her books shatters the stereotypes of self-published authors.

Melissa invests a great deal into her work – from the time she spends writing each day (combined with a demanding homeschooling schedule) to paying for professional editing AND professional formatting AND professional cover design. All of this totals hundreds of dollars – easily. I admire that she does all that, every single time, and I think it shows.

Tonight I read through Year of the Snake again to try and find a non-spoiler-ish quote to share, to no avail. So, I’ll just leave you with this, which happens to be my endorsement that appears on the back cover:

In Year of the Snake, Amelia embarks on a year-long journey of self-discovery and, in the process, learns what it’s like to truly fall in love. In her seventh novel, author Melissa Luznicky Garrett proves her own growing versatility as a writer. With madcap plot twists and delightful surprises,Year of the Snake wraps the reader tightly around Amelia, Mason and Desmond and keeps one guessing about who will be Amelia’s ultimate choice. A light romantic read, it’s impossible not to look more closely at our own lives to discover what stories are inside us that are just waiting to be written.

I hope you consider giving Year of the Snake – and any of Melissa’s other novels – a chance.

Melissa, congratulations on #7 and as always, thank you for trusting me with your words.

Year of the Snake - front and back


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