Some bursts of red and white (in the form of lillies) and blue (as in blueberries), as seen in our garden yesterday evening.

Red lilly 2


Red lilly


White lilly 3 White lilly 2 White lillies White lilly White lillies 2


Blueberries Blueberries 4 Blueberries 3 Blueberries 2


… and, for good measure, some green in the form of transparent apples (I just learned that this is what these are) that may make their way into a pie.

Apples Apples and shed Apples 2


Happy Fourth of July to all who are celebrating!


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8 thoughts on “bursts of red, white, and blue in the garden

    1. Melissa Firman Post author

      Oh, no, Joy! That’s terrible. The previous owners of our house left us the netting for the blueberry bushes, but I haven’t had to use it. We’ve been lucky both years and haven’t lost too many berries … just a few here and there. On Saturday night, our harvest was nearly 3 cups!

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