brexit at breakfast (26/99)


Yes, I realize that’s not the Union Jack nor the American Flag, but it might as well be given the news from across the pond this morning and the anticipated ripple effects here. (And the realized ones, with the stock market plunge.)

That photo was taken nearly three years ago, as part of Pittsburgh’s Knit the Bridge yarn-bombing project. More than 1,800 volunteers worked for 14 months, knitting and crocheting 580 blankets that covered the Andy Warhol Bridge to celebrate Pittsburgh’s diverse neighborhoods representing dozens of ethnicities.

It was a grand display symbolizing the threads that tie a community together.  The connections between all of us and the bridges that lead to understanding.  The interdependency that unites us, makes us one.

I’m certainly not an expert in such global matters as Brexit.  I will admit that it wasn’t until the murder of Jo Cox that I even knew this was happening, and shame on me for not realizing how big a deal this was. I mean, I needed to ask The Husband for “the Reader’s-Digest-So-I-Sound-Somewhat-Intelligent-When-Talking-With-My-Coworkers” version of Brexit over breakfast this morning.

(His response?  “It’s 1929.”)

It would appear that some people in the UK needed an FAQ, too.  NPR reported that Google searches on “what is the eu” and “what is brexit”  spiked significantly after the polls closed.

It’s easy for us to be all smarter-than-thou, shaking our heads in astonishment as we wonder aloud what the hell people were thinking.  But the parallels and the implications are truly frightening, considering our own political mess here on these shores.

I realize I sound a bit hypocritical saying all this when Brexit wasn’t even on my radar until a day or so ago. Trust me, I’m paying attention now by reading about what this means — and it doesn’t sound pretty.

This morning we woke up to a very different world.

Or, given past history, one that we already know.

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