Mothers Day 2015 - Be Brave

Less than 24 hours till showtime as I write this, and I’m still trying to find my brave.

Literally, that is.  Not figuratively.

I’m missing my Bravelet bracelet, pictured above on my wrist, and have been tearing the house apart searching for it.  I wanted to wear it tomorrow — and who knows, it may still turn up. I’m hopeful.

There’s another bracelet that’s missing.  I’m picturing a sapphire bracelet that belonged to my Mom-Mom. It would be perfect with my dress.  And, I like the idea of wearing something that once was hers or that she gave me as a gift. I do that often, actually.

I thought I found that one last night, but it was different than I remembered.

And it’s broken.

All this got me thinking about the tendency we have to seek out our brave in places where we’re not likely to find it.  We look for our brave everywhere except for the only place where it lives.

Within ourselves.

We know this, yet somehow it’s still easier to depend on things — clothes, makeup, food, a glass of wine to steel one’s nerves — to give us the confidence we think we lack.  And there’s no shortage of products that promise a quick fix.  Drink this, wear this, do this, try that, take these and you’ll be fabulous.

We fall for this so often.

We know these things prevent people from seeing our true selves.

That’s because there’s a vulnerability to being real and sharing who we really are inside.

Bravery can’t be bought, like a pair of Spanx that promises the confidence provided by an instant hourglass figure. It isn’t found in a bottle.

It’s within us, waiting to be set free.


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One thought on “brave

  1. Amy Lossie

    Melissa–You are on my mind and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!! For several years, I had a special piece of jewelry I wore whenever I gave a talk. It was the gold locket my great grandma gave to my Grandmother on her HS graduation. She gave it to my Mom, and my Mom gave it to me. It reminds me of the strength of the women who came before me and when I wear it, I feel centered, connected to this strength. Your post reminded me of that feeling I get when I put on my strength.



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