Boo Reviews: Ook and Gluk

Setting: What is the setting? Please describe the setting in a short paragraph.

The setting is in Caveland, Ohio in 5,000,001 B.C.

Why is the Setting important to the problem and/or plot of the story?

Because it will soon be ruled by big Cheif Goppenhopper.

List 5 words that best describe the character/ Write evidence from the text that help support each word you list.

Ook is a crazy kid.
Gluk is a strongly man.

Using the evidence that you found in the text, explain why you think the character asks the way he or she does.

Because cavemen act like “me write in homework.”

Problem/Conflict: slaved by chieves

Climax: the winner

Resolution/Solution: to defeat the cheif

Is the plot believable? Explain your thinking.  (Not answered).

What is the author’s purpose for writing the story? Explain your thinking.

To inspire the readers about non-boring science books.

Theme: What lesson and/or message does the author reveal in his or her story? Explain your thinking by evidence from the text.

That taking over the state or world is wrong.

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