Bloggiesta Weekend!


It’s time to Bloggiesta!

New to the party? No problemo! Bloggiesta is a blogging marathon created several years ago by Natasha from Maw Books Blog, and it’s open to everyone. The idea is to spend these next three days working on your blog and connecting with others doing the same thing.

We even have our own mascot. Say hello to my boyfriend PEDRO there in the corner. (He’s not ignoring you – just living up to the acronym of his name, which for Bloggiesta purposes stands for Plan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize.)

Bloggiesta started yesterday, but I needed to focus on work and life matters to spend much time here. This rainy Saturday here in Pittsburgh will see that continue, and we have Pirates tickets for tomorrow. Still, I love this event and want to participate at least a little bit. Without further ado, below is my overly-ambitious Bloggiesta To-Do List, in no order). I’ll update this post as I get through my tasks (or not).

1. The biggest priority is the unfinished posts. When I imported my posts from Blogger to WordPress, ALL of my posts were published – including those I had in Drafts. (Yeah, that’s not too embarrassing.) I’ve gotten most of them, but every so often a few pop up. I need to do a complete review of this and decide what to do with these prematurely published pieces. (UPDATE: Sat 11:20 PM EST: This is tedious. And much more extensive than I anticipated. But, I’m making progress, so that’s something.)

2. Continue indexing my Book Reviews and add them to the appropriate pages. This has been an ongoing project. Most of them have been done, but not all. During last fall’s Bloggiesta, I checked/added all of my missing reviews through 2009. (UPDATE: SAT 11:20 PM EST: Added a few more reviews.)

3. Finish writing several book reviews lingering in Drafts. 

4. Create a checklist of where to post/promote a post once it’s written (i.e. Facebook pages, Twitter, Goodreads, LibraryThing, etc.)

5. Update editorial calendar for the fall.

6. Organize photos. (I use all my own photography on the blog. So, when I take pictures, I’m often taking them with future blog fodder in mind. It’s my own blend of geekery; I absolutely LOVE when a photo I took at the beach in 2008 is perfect for a post in fall 2013.) I need to move some of my recent photos to the appropriate Blog Photos folders.

7. Pre-write some posts.

8. Read. This includes getting caught up on blogs and books. (I spent some time on Friday afternoon doing this.)

All this in addition to continuing to spend some time editing Blood Draw, the upcoming novel by Melissa Luznicky Garrett.

Want to join in the party and see how others are Bloggiesta-ing? Go to the Bloggiesta page here.



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  1. Ellen

    Sounds like an epic plan! I’m doing some version of #7 and #8 as well! What a wonderfully fleshed out to-do list you have, Melissa. 🙂

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