Best of the Week – December 13

Michelle Wittle writes a powerful post about Believing, Faith, and Hope (from her blog Inside the Mind of a Writer) I feel like I’m reading someone else’s diary and sharing it with the world by mentioning this post, but it is one that resonates with me … and maybe you too.

Some of the most beautiful, powerful, and haunting writing can be found on the blog, Afghan Women’s Writing Project. This post by Roya, “Where the Wild Dogs Were,” is no exception.
I work with a bunch of coffee addicts (I’m one of them) and choco-holics (not one of them because chocolate tends to aggravate my migraines, sad to say). I’m thinking that these Deep Cocoa Coffee Cookies as found on Blissfully Domestic might need to be holiday gifts for my coworkers this year.
I’m an Organizing Junkie has a guest post from Michelle from Leaving Excess about creating a Family Binder. It sounds so simple, and I actually did this awhile back but … well, let’s just say we don’t have such a binder. I think I’m going to make this a New Year’s Resolution. Even though I don’t “do” resolutions, something has to change with the clutter around here.

I don’t watch reality-TV, so I haven’t seen (and won’t see) MTV’s show Jersey Shore. (Anyone else remember the days when MTV was music television, as in videos?) Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Monica Yant Kinney has, though. She has a great piece “Fear this TV fate for your kids,” about the show.

And related to such, Kjerstin Johnson writes on Bitch Magazine about MTV’s decision not to air the footage of the punch (“MTV Pulls the Punch. But Why?”) to the face that was part of the clip of an episode of Jersey Shore.

‘Tis the season for book lists, and I couldn’t be happier. I just love a good book list (if you couldn’t tell). This book list is compiled by the writers and staff of the Philadelphia Inquirer.
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