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After living in Pittsburgh for four years, I don’t claim to know everything about this city. I know much more than I did when we first arrived, of course, but there are a few areas that require my consulting the expertise of others.

This occurs most frequently when selecting a restaurant. Take last week as an example.  The Husband and I had tickets to see Ringo Starr at Heinz Hall and we decided to treat ourselves even further by having a nice dinner Downtown.

(Dinner and a show at Heinz Hall.  That’s a veritable Night on the Town… or, Tahn, as the natives say here.)

Now, selecting a dining establishment that meets both The Husband and my requirements is no small feat. We’re not adventurous eaters — certainly not before something like a concert — plus there is the small matter of us being vegetarian, me being gluten-free, and The Husband’s preference to avoid fish.

So for our big date night with Ringo, I did my usual extensive Googling of various restaurant possibilities.  And of course the usual sites always turn up — Urbanspoon, TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. — and while those are helpful, what I crave is an honest-to-God review from a real person.  (Not like those leaving reviews on those other sites aren’t real, but the cynical Philly girl in me always takes those effusive accolades or negative experiences with a grain of the proverbial salt.)

But a funny thing usually happens whenever I turn to Google and plunk in a Pittsburgh restaurant. More often than not, I often get a link to a local blogger who knows the Pittsburgh dining scene incredibly well.

That blogger? HGB from The Steel Trap, whose tagline is “thoughts and ideas from the mind (and the mouth) of a Pittsburgh woman.”

HGB knows her stuff when it comes to eating out in the ‘Burgh. Her extensive Restaurant Review list offers her readers “honest opinions on the quality of food, beverages, service, and decor.”  I like that HGB doesn’t go “outright negative” in her reviews, as she ” [doesn’t] want to cause any harm for local businesses, nor…gain popularity with negativity.”

This month, The Steel Trap and I are participating in a local blogging event known as Best of the Burghosphere.  Participants were assigned another blogger and bestow upon them a fun Best of the Burghosphere award category of our own creation that fit that person’s blog.

I am pleased to present HG Balas of The Steel Trap with this distinguished award that recognizes her great restaurant commentary.

Best of the Burghosphere
Blogger Most Likely to Be Photographing Her Food for a Restaurant Review 

Make sure to check out The Steel Trap and all the other bloggers participating in Best of the Burghosphere!  (And thanks, HGB for inspiring me to do more restaurant reviews here on my blog!)

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