Best of BlogHer10 Roundup

Julie from Moms to Work on what our kids were eating while we were at BlogHer.

Not all the guys stayed at home.  Even those who are Always Home and Uncool made their way to NYC, writes Kevin from … well, Always Home and Uncool, in his post “BlogHer: The Chicks are All Right.”

The Sessions
At times during BlogHer, one wanted to clone oneself, to be in three different sessions at the same time. One of those sessions was the Grief, Loss, and Tragedy discussion.  Fortunately, several wonderful writers captured what I missed:

Mel from Stirrup Queens, on the Grief session (“Second Thoughts on BlogHer”)

Florinda recaps the session on the FTC Guidelines in her post You, Me, and the FTC.”

Voices of the Year

Florinda and I missed the first part of the Voices of the Year speeches, but we walked in just in time to hear Liz Rizzo read her piece “Phone Karma” which is posted here on her blog, Everyday Goddess.  And, as these things sometimes go, we had a little bit of phone karma the next day when Florinda left her phone on the dias at her panel.  I called it and thankfully, it was answered by the wonderful Kamy Wicoff from She Writes.  Phone karma at BlogHer strikes again!

Among the bloggers I was honored to meet was Susan from Toddler Planet, who was also named one of the Voices of the Year (deservedly so) for this post, In the Name of Awareness, which is truly one of my favorite blog posts ever.  As Susan says in My BlogHer,” we all had a different BlogHer experience.  Very true, and I am glad Susan was part of mine.

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