“Anticipation is making me wait….”
“Anticipation” ~ Carly Simon

We are awaiting, anticipating the first major snowstorm of the season. (Nope … just checked the midnight sky. Still all clear, nary a flake in sight.)

I am not a fan of snow and its penchant for ruining plans, yet I find myself giddy with excitement over this nor’easter blowing in and the inches of baggage that it will bring along.

For this has been a season filled with a few weeks of stress on several storm fronts. Nothing unmanageable, nothing earth-shattering or changing, just mostly the stuff that life is made of coupled with the most busy-ful time of the year. My cards aren’t done, my shopping isn’t finished, my house is a mess.

And yet. The snow will freeze us in our tracks tomorrow, and bring with it a day different from most others. A day that doesn’t involve going anywhere, a day of doing nothing, of resting and shaking the blecks out of my system. Of reading and writing, of baking, of cooking soup for dinner. A mandated slow down, a furlough to take stock of the season.

I have been wanting and needing to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” this season, as is tradition for The Dean and me.

Tomorrow, I anticipate getting that chance.

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