A Rollercoaster of a Week

What a week, you guys. I’m pretty sure The Husband and I are not the only people still in a state of disbelief that the Philadelphia Eagles really did win the Super Bowl! As proof that it wasn’t a dream and that after 57 years we aren’t losers anymore, there’s the photo I captured from my TV.

And later in the week there was a parade with Jason Kelce dressed as a Mummer, and countless examples of why Philly has more heart that we’re given credit for. People bringing the remains of their loved ones to the parade and strangers toasting the deceased with beers — I mean, it just doesn’t get any more Philly than that. Hopefully, this week showed the crazy, full-of-heart city I love in a new light to more people. My social media feeds have been amazing, one delightful explosion of joy and celebration and love after another. It’s an incredible feeling.

As the title of this post suggests, though, it was a roller-coaster of a week. The Husband and I watched some of the parade during one of his doctors’ appointments. Thank God for cell phones and live video technology. We also had a scare with our cat Mrs. Douglas. She had been drinking an excessive amount of water for a few days — as well as peeing excessively — so we called our wonderful vet to get her checked out. We all suspected diabetes. We spent four hours at the vet on Tuesday night, waiting for lab results and, ironically, for her to pee so they could test her urine. Fortunately, everything seems to point to your regular, run-of-the-mill UTI. An antibiotic shot and $400 later, she is doing fine. But, yeah, way too much time spent in waiting rooms this week.

What else? That’s probably enough. I have a bunch of things I need/want to catch up on and make some headway on for the week ahead (book review stuff, grocery shopping and prepping some meals, etc.). so should probably wrap this up before the day gets any further away from me.

Hope your Sunday is going well and that you have a great week.

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