A Halloween treat in the form of Extractions, my short story, free this weekend on Amazon

Extractions Amazon

“Now, her vision wobbly because of the migraine, Kari grabbed her glasses and her Android on the nightstand. She pressed the ubiquitous blue and white icon. Not even six in the morning and there were twelve new notifications. She held her breath. Would Seth really respond that quickly? That wasn’t like him – he was always mysterious, unpredictable, keeping her guessing. Then again, what did she really know what he was like now after 22 years?

But in this small state where everybody knows everyone, Kari didn’t even know herself anymore. That much was obvious.” ~ “Extractions” ~ Melissa M. Firman

I thought you could use a Halloween treat on this fall weekend.

Which is why I’ve made my short story “Extractions” a FREE download on Amazon. Saturday 10/25 and Sunday 10/26 only.

Hope you enjoy!



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