Make a Splash with 99 Days of Summer Blogging!

99 Days of Summer Blogging

Every year, the same thing.

“Summer went by too fast!”

“How can it be back-to-school time already?”

“It seems like summer just started!”

We make bucket lists, grand plans to make the most of these lazy, hazy, crazy days.  We vow to keep summer simple, to enjoy the moments that matter.

And then September arrives and those days become a blur.

Did you know there are exactly 99 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day?  A lot can happen in that time.

A lot that’s worth remembering and sharing with your words and photos.

Inspired by my friend Emily Levenson, who recently did a #100DaysBlogging project, I have decided to try something similar.

Introducing … 99 Days of Summer Blogging!  Starting this Monday, May 30 and continuing through September 5, 2016, I plan to blog every single day.

Yes.  Every. Single. Day.

For 99 days.

Why am I doing this?

  1. Because I need the discipline of writing every day. I do.  I need to practice Ass in Chair time when it comes to writing and actually GET THINGS WRITTEN.  I need to get better at writing first and editing later, instead of writing a sentence and immediately start futzing with word choices.
  2. Because at this moment, I have 206 blog posts in Drafts.  A very, very small percentage of those are actually completed. The rest are half-baked concoctions.  Some of those may become #99DaysSummerBlogging posts. If I’m doing any new writing on them (e.g., finishing a partially-written book review) then it counts.
  3. Because I need to spend a little less time on Facebook — and by spending time here instead of there, my writing will get stronger.
  4. Because I want to start thinking more strategically about planning potential posts (I need to do an editorial calendar) while at the same time tapping into my creativity and cultivating ideas for potential writing projects. I’m always thinking, “Oh, I could definitely do a post about that!” or “This is a perfect blog post.” And then the idea or the moment vanishes, lost forever.  I’m excited about seeing what those nuggets hold.
  5. Because writing and connecting is how I work through things that I’m dealing with and how I gain greater insights about what this life is trying to teach me (even though I may be a stubborn learner). At the same time, some of the issues our family is working through aren’t ones for the blog so there’s that. But maybe a photo or a quote will be.

Do these issues resonate for you, too? If so, jump right in … the water’s fine. These posts don’t have to be Pulitzer worthy. (Trust me, mine won’t be.) Perfection isn’t what this is about.  Rather, #99DaysSummerBlogging is about cultivating our craft, capturing ideas and thoughts, and carving out some time for reflection and stillness among our words.

99 Days of Summer Blogging starts Monday, May 30 — Memorial Day here in the United States. (And if it’s not summer where you are, no worries. You can still participate.)

I’m not doing a linky thing for this. Rather, if you’d like to participate, simply do a post on your blog and link back to  Feel free to grab the button, too.  (That’s an actual photo taken by me during a beach vacation — “downnashore” as we say where I’m from — two years ago.)

99 Days of Summer Blogging


Will you be taking the 99 Days of Summer Blogging plunge?

Thanks for sharing this post!

33 thoughts on “Make a Splash with 99 Days of Summer Blogging!

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  14. Lou

    I love this idea but a little nervous about getting a blog a day out. I am going to take a day or two and then join a little late…

    1. Melissa Post author

      Completely understand, Lou! It’s definitely daunting … but doable!

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  17. dawn patton

    I’m in! Two down, finishing up my third tonight.
    Helpful tips: find a book or website of writing prompts. Use something like Emily’s 100 days of blogging or BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo for ideas. Write them on a calendar. Even if you only come up with 50, at least you’re not staring at a blank page every day.

  18. Deanna

    After considering this all day, I have decided to join in on the 99 days of blogging. I am a bit fearful that I won’t be able to actually blog every single day for 98 more days due to business of life and/or lack of content. But, I’m hopeful. This should be fun.
    (Found this challenge over on Bryan’s blog)

    1. Melissa Post author

      Yay! So glad to have you (and to meet you through Bryan’s blog)! Truth be told, I’M a little fearful I won’t have the stamina to do this for 98 more days either. Regardless, we’re in this together. 🙂

  19. Emily

    I’m so glad that this idea resonated with you so deeply. I know that it’s going to be transformative for you. And I can say from experience, that the act of getting your butt in the seat and writing will foster more creativity and more ideas for writing. It’s a really contagious act.

    Excited to follow along.

    1. Melissa Post author

      Thanks for the kick in the ass (er … I mean, inspiration 😉 my friend!

  20. Camilla

    Yikes! 99 days does sound like a lot, but I think I’m going to try. Hopefully, this will get my blog back on track. I have a few ideas for 99 blog posts. Thanks for doing/suggesting this.

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  23. Molly

    I just read about this on Bryan’s site. I am tremendously excited about the possibility – and at the same time, quite fearful I’m just setting myself up for failure.

    I plan to give thought to this challenge throughout the day. I’m thinking it might be the perfect time to try a “photo a day” challenge without committing to an entire year (?)

    1. Melissa Post author

      Yes – absolutely, a “photo a day” challenge would be PERFECT for this, Molly!

      Dooooo it!

  24. Lisa

    I found this through Still Unfinished and am considering it, but have two kids and am really not sure I could keep it up through the whole summer….

    1. Melissa Post author

      Lisa, I have teenage twins and work full time … you and I can do this, no problem! 🙂

  25. Bookertalk

    Gulp. That’s quite a goal you’ve set yourself. I don’t think I have even 20 blog post ideas so the thought of 99 is quite daunting. Will be keen to see what you come up with.

    1. Melissa Post author

      Yeah, me too. It’s kind of daunting! I’m allowing myself to use half-finished posts (i.e., a book review that’s partially ifnished and then finishing it will count as a post.) I would imagine some days might be simple, like a photograph or two.

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