savvy verse and wit reviews “extractions”


Sunset with streaks - Delaware

A much-too-late bedtime combined with sad news on the home front (as well as in the headlines) made for a jumble of rough dreams last night. I woke up drenched, yet not wanting to extricate myself from the too heavy blankets.

That’s how I greeted an incredibly pleasant and – dare I say – much-needed surprise this morning, when I saw that Serena of Savvy Verse & Wit took the time to review “Extractions,” my e-short story currently available on Amazon

First, you should know (you do know this, right?) that Serena’s is the creme de la creme of poetry and verse blogs. Her reviews are thoughtful, on point, and exceptionally well-done. For her to take the time to review a seven page short story … well, let’s just say that shows how appreciative Serena is about what she reads and what a generous friend she is to many.

You can read Serena’s review of “Extractions” here and check out more of her blog at the same time.


Warmest thanks to you, Serena.

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