10,000 hits!

In the words of the classic Archie Bunker, “Aw, jeez, will you look at ‘dis?”

If you glance down at the HTML Hit Counter on this here blog, you’ll notice that the odometer just changed to a significant number.

There have been 10,086 hits on this blog.

I know that’s peanuts compared to some of the big time bloggers out there, some who get that number of comments on one giveaway post.

But that’s huge for little ol’ me.

Thank you. So very much.

Thanks for sharing this post!

7 thoughts on “10,000 hits!

  1. Stephanie

    Hey Melissa,
    First of all in my humble opinion that’s HUGE!! Second, congrats on the Suzy Orman (sp?) tweet! I would plaster that everywhere!
    Just goes to show, good stuff finds it’s audience!

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